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453-NENUG (REV. 1), NEAR EARTH USER\'S GUIDE (15-JAN-2010) [FORMERLY 453-GNUG]., The purpose of this document is to describe the technical capabilities of the ground stations that comprise the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Near Earth Network (NEN). This document provides sufficient information to enable project engineers and support personnel to begin interfacing with the NEN. It is not intended to be a technical description of network equipment; rather, it defines NEN capabilities and identifies those parameters of particular interest to the user. For more detailed information, see the documents cited in Section 1.3. Because NEN capabilities may change (due to budgetary constraints or management decisions, for example), the information presented in this document does not obligate NASA in any way. For the purpose of this document, the NEN consists of both the NASA owned ground stations located in Norway, Florida, Alaska, Antarctica, Virginia and the contracted commercial stations run by the Universal Space Network (Alaska, Australia, Hawaii), Santiago Satellite Stationn (Chile) and Kongsberg Satellite Services (Norway). The NEN also includes support from the Network Integration Center (NIC) located at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). The NEN scheduling office, WS1 S/Ka-band, and VHF systems are all located at the White Sands Complex, New Mexico. For each NEN station, with the exceptions of Hartebeesthoek, Kiruna and Weilheim, this document provides the following information: General characteristics, including geographic location, transmit/receive capabilities, and scheduling capabilities. * Detailed performance characteristics. * User tracking capabilities. * Baseband data interfaces.

453-NENUG Rev. 1


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