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MIL-HDBK-7B, MILITARY HANDBOOK: LUMBER AND ALLIED PRODUCTS (6 AUG 1982)., lumber and wood products normally procured in considerable quantity for Department of Defense installations. Engineers are particular directed to the chapters dealing with strength of wood, preservative treatment, and moisture c o n t e n t . The chapters dealing with storage handling, tallying, inspection, grading, and sizes were written with the problems of inspectors, stock handlers, and supply clerks in mind. All of these chapters prove useful to the requisition writer by providing references useful in determining which species, q u a l i t i e s , and sizes of lumber, plywood, poles, railroad ties, and other wood products are usable for a given end use. This handbook also provides ready reference to the physical and mechanical properties of lumber products and the conditions of use that require special treatment with preservatives, fire r e t a r d a n t s , or special surfacing and machining. It is the primary purpose of this handbook to provide the kind of background information needed in making necessary decisions on all such problems. This type of information is not readily available elsewhere in a form directly related to supply problems involving lumber and allied products. To the extent that this handbook achieves its primary purpose, it is believed that important economies can be effected, greater assurance secured that the needed species, q u a l i t i e s , q u a n t i t i e s , and sizes will be received, and requisitioning procedures f a c i l i t a t e d . The handbook also has as part of its purpose to provide information on the handling, storage, and use of wood products to the end that better service will be obtained at less cost. The large quantities of wood products normally required by the various branches of the Department of Defense make economy of use just as essential as economical procurement; failure in the one can quickly offset any gains realized through success in the other. Moreover, proper handling, storage, and use are essential in the interest of conservation of the forest resources.



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