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TEMPLATE: TM-PP-02 (VER. 1.0), PROJECT BUILD PLAN (10-FEB-2004)., This document was developed to provide a template for generating a Project Build Plan that applies to a project development iteration within its software development life cycle. This template supplements the Project Management Plan (PMP) and Product Engineering and Qualification (PE&Q) Process that describes the software project development processes. The Project Build Plan Template provides an example of a hypothetical project, the Red/Black Conversion (RBC) Project. Tailoring the template involves replacing references to RBC with information associated with that of the subject project. This document is part of a trilogy of sample documents and templates intended to support the guidance provided by the SSC San Diego Project Management Guide (PMG). Figure A provides an abstract of the PMG’s project management functions of Initiation, Planning, Control, Execution, and Close Out. As depicted in Figure A, the Planning Function includes the development of plans to facilitate both the Control Function and the Execution Function. The documents listed below are not intended as the only means or documentation selections that can facilitate implementation of the concepts presented in the PMG. However, they are considered a ‘Best Practice’ and are available from the Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center (SSC) San Diego Process Asset Library (PAL) at http://sepo.spawar.navy.mil/as documents that can be tailored during the Planning Function to guide the Control Function and Execution Function: a. Project Management Plan (PMP) Template, TM-PP-01. Control Function planning requires a defined Management Solution, documented in a format such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)/1058-1998, IEEE Standard for Software Project Management Plans. The PMP addresses such issues as budget, budget control, schedule, schedule control, staffing, risk management, configuration management, quality assurance, and project tracking measurements. b. Product Engineering and Qualification (PE&Q) Process, PR-TS-01. Planning for the Execution Function results in documented engineering and qualification processes needed to implement the product. The PE&Q Process represents an example of the level of detail needed for these processes. The PE&Q Process represents one method of defining an engineering process. Other process definition methods could include, but not be limited to, data flow diagrams, Entry-Task-V&V-Exit (ETVX) diagrams, Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing Definition (IDEF) 0 or IDEF 3 diagrams for process flow, etc. c. Project Build Plan Template, TM-PP-02. Planning for the functional content of the product should result in a document as typified by the Project Build Plan Template. This document defines the product content in terms of functional requirements to be delivered, the acceptance criteria, fielding direction, and user training needs. This document could serve as a contract between the acquirer and the supplier for any given deliverable increment of the product. Other build plan methodologies could include, but not be limited to, use of the Military Standard (MIL-STD)-498, Software Development and Documentation Data Item Description (DID) for Software Version Description (SVD), or detailed project plans itemizing the product content. The Systems Engineering Process Office (SEPO) assumes responsibility for this document and updates it, as required, to meet the needs of users within SSC San Diego. SEPO welcomes and solicits feedback from users of this document so that future revisions of this document will reflect improvements based on organizational experience and lessons learned. Please use the Document Change Request (DCR) form on the next page or available on the SSC San Diego PAL to report deficiencies and/or corrections. Updates to this document will be made in accordance with the SEPO Configuration Management Procedure, PR-OPD-32.

TM-PP-02 Rev. VER 1.0


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