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AMCP 706-132, AMC PAMPHLET: MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING TECHNIQUES (JUN-1975)., The fundamental purpose of this 1975 handbook is to provide authoritative information requisite to the planning and implementation of effective maintenance engineering programs. A comprehensive discussion of maintenance engineering functions that must be accomplished in order to ensure cost-effective acquisition, operation, and support of Army materiel is presented. The general method of presentation is to define a function and its importance, and then to provide basic information on when the function should be accomplished and the techniques that should be used. Although written primarily for maintenance engineers, the handbook is structured with a wider audience in mind. The level of detail and manner of presentation make the handbook useful for the orientation and guidance of new personnel, Army contractors, and personnel in engineering disciplines such as system design, reliability, maintainability, safety, and human engineering. Additionally, management personnel may improve their understanding of the scope and importance of maintenance engineering by reading this handbook.

AMCP 706-132 Rev. 1975


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