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APMM (REV. D), AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE: AIRFIELD PAVEMENT MAINTENANCE MANUAL (20-OCT-2012)., The maintenance of airfield pavements is an essential and continuing activity that ensures: Pavements are kept in a condition that minimises risk to aircraft operations; and Pavements are adequately preserved to maintain the operational capability of the airfield and maximise the serviceable life of the infrastructure. It is a primary responsibility of those involved in the management of airfield pavements to accomplish this aim in the most practical and economical manner using the resources that are available. Timely and appropriate maintenance of airfield pavements not only permits expensive aircraft to operate from them with a minimum of risk but also allows the longest possible functional design life of pavements to be achieved so that costly closures for resurfacing, or reconstruction, are deferred for as long as possible. Attention to maintenance during the life of a pavement may also reduce the extent of resurfacing or reconstruction work which eventually becomes necessary, giving savings in both cost and time. Given the importance of maintaining airfield pavements and the necessity to strive to improve methods, materials and equipment to preserve these assets, it is essential to continually review the criteria and techniques currently utilised. DEEP commissions specialist pavement maintenance inspections of Defence airfields, conducted by Consultants, on a routine basis and it is intended that this Manual should serve as a reference document for the implementation of recommendations which arise from such inspections. Inspections by these specialists does not preclude more frequent inspections being carried out by local staff in order to identify, monitor and remedy pavement defects as they occur.



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