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SECNAV M-5239.1, DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY INFORMATION ASSURANCE PROGRAM - INFORMATION ASSURANCE MANUAL (NOV 2005)., Information Assurance (IA) is a cornerstone of the Department of the Navy (DON) transformation to a secure interoperable, net-centric Naval Information Management/Information Technology Enterprise. The security and superiority of DON information, systems, and personnel is key to our maritime dominance and national security. We take a Defense in Depth (DiD) approach to IA, layering IA principles and controls that apply to people, processes, and technology. The path to a net-centric environment is rife with opportunities and risks. To retain an agile IA posture, DON integrates IA controls throughout all facets of the Enterprise. We must all accept the challenges presented in a net-centric, interconnected environment, especially that risk assumed by one system is incurred by all systems. This Manual implements the policy set forth in Secretary of the Navy Instruction (SECNAVINST) 5239.3A, Subject: "Department of the Navy Information Assurance Policy" and is issued under the authority of SECNAVINST 5430.7N, Subject: "Assignment of Responsibilities and Authorities in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy." This Manual is intended to serve as a high-level introduction to information assurance and IA principles. It discusses common IA controls and associated requirements and reviews the Department of Defense strategy for implementing those controls. Future manuals in the SECNAV Manual (SECNAVMAN) 5239 series will address other topics such as IA roles and responsibilities, basic IA practices and procedures, and IA incident reporting and response, etc. This Manual is effective immediately; it is mandatory and applicable to all DON activities, installations, commands, units, and personnel, and DON owned or controlled information systems. Nothing in this manual shall alter or supersede the existing authorities and policies of the Director of National Intelligence regarding the protection of Sensitive Compartmented Information and special access programs for intelligence. The entire SECNAV IA Manual series may be accessed through the Department of the Navy, Navy Electronic Directives System website: http://neds.daps.dla.mil/.



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