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SG270-BV-SAF-010, HIGH-ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM SAFETY MANUAL (27-APR-2011)., This technical manual is approved for initial issue to be used as necessary to update operating manuals and other documents necessary for safely integrating, operating, and maintaining lithium batteries on Navy platforms. This manual defines the NAVSEA 05 process to characterize hazards associated with high energy storage systems, to ensure programs using these systems have implemented appropriate hazard mitigations, and thereby to provide maximum reasonable assurance that failures of these systems can be safely mitigated to avoid endangering Navy platforms or Navy personnel. This manual is invoked within the framework of NAVSEA TM S9310-AQ-SAF-010 and provides the NAVSEA platform concurrence process that precedes final Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity (NOSSA) lithium battery approval for platform use. The requirements herein address system reliability and durability only as these aspects are related to safety. The focus of the initial issue of this manual is lithium battery systems. Future high-energy systems such as fuel cells and hybrid technologies will be addressed by invoking comparable requirements that are appropriately tailored to those technologies.

SG270-BV-SAF-010 Rev. 2011


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