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S9081-AB-GIB-010 (REV. 1), RELIABILITY-CENTERED MAINTENANCE (RCM) HANDBOOK (18 APR 2007)., This handbook provides Navy maintenance practitioners a reference document for applying the principles of Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) to the evaluation of both new and wellestablished ship planned maintenance system (PMS) preventive maintenance requirements. It is intended as a supplement to the Naval Sea Systems Command Reliability-Centered Maintenance-based certification program for those who develop, modify, review and authorize Planned Maintenance System tasks for Navy ships, systems, and equipment. The handbook introduces basic principles of maintenance and illustrates how these principles establish rules for good maintenance tasks. It describes how these rules are used to develop maintenance requirements and associated documentation for new systems and equipment as well as to evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of well-established maintenance programs. Requirements for analysis of preventive maintenance requirements and for development of associated support documentation are defined in MIL-P-24534A, “Planned Maintenance System: development of Maintenance Requirement Cards, Maintenance Index Pages, and Associated Documentation.”

S9081-AB-GIB-010 Rev. 1


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