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AVIATION SOURCE APPROVAL AND MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK,JOINT AERONAUTICAL COMMANDERS GROUP (JAGG) (16-MAR-2011)., and Repair, Overhaul, Modification, and Maintenance (ROMM) of aviation CSIs, that the head of contracting activities enter into a contract only with sources approved by the design control activity, and that CSIs be accepted only if they meet all technical requirements established by the design control activity. In this Handbook the term ‘Engineering Support Activity’ (ESA) is synonymous with the term DCA. FAR Part 9 (Contractor Qualifications) and DFARS Part 209.270 (Aviation Critical Safety Items) prescribe policies, standards, and procedures on contractor qualifications and Aviation Critical Safety Items.. The processes described in this Handbook focus on Source Approvals other than Qualified Products List (QPL) items and are intended to ensure that suppliers are capable of consistently producing and/or providing high quality, conforming items that meet design and manufacturing or ROMM requirements. To implement the aviation CSI Public Law, the military Services and defense agencies worked together to develop an instruction under the auspices of the Joint Aeronautical Logistics Commanders, now called the Joint Aeronautical Commanders’ Group (JACG). The JACG is an organization comprising the highest levels of leadership from each Service’s aviation acquisition community and representatives from Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and Department of Homeland Security. The CSI Instruction was issued by all Services and defense agencies under their respective regulation structures. Specifically, it was issued as SECNAVINST 4140.2, AFI 20-106, DA Pam 95-9, DLAI 3200.4, and DCMA INST CSI (AV) “Management of Aviation Critical Safety Items”, and is hereafter referred to as the 1-2 Multi-Service/Defense Agency CSI Instruction. To supplement the instruction and provide implementing guidance regarding management and approval of sources for aviation parts, the JACG also sponsored the development of the Aviation Critical Safety Item Management Handbook as well as this Sourcing Handbook. Additionally, a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), including some which refer to sourcing, can be found in Appendix III of the JACG Aviation CSI Handbook. For the purpose of this handbook, the Aircraft Airworthiness Authority for each respective service is the Naval Air Systems Command, Assistant Commander for Research and Engineering (AIR-4.0) for the Navy; US Army Aviation and Missile Command (RDMR-AE) for the Army; and the Technical Airworthiness Authority for the Air Force. The term Aircraft Airworthiness Authority is synonymous with DCA and ESA for the Army and Navy. For the Air Force, the terms DCA and ESA are synonymous with the Designated Air Force Single Manager for a Weapon System.

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