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RADC-TR-67-108 (VOL. 1), RADC RELIABILITY NOTEBOOK (NOV-1968)., RADC Reliability Notebook, Volume I, is an updating of the RADC Reliability Notebook which v/as first published in 1958 and which had been revised several times up until the Fall of 1966. This updating has resulted in a completely updated (except for Section 8) notebook in arrangement, format and material as per the contract under which the effort v/as conducted. There are twelve chapters comprising, first, a general discussion, followed by a presentation of information which project managers and project engineers can use to be more effective in predicting, measuring and improving system and equipment reliability. A subject index has been included at the end in order to provide the user with a guide to locating specific information.

RADC-TR-67-108 Rev. 1968


196810-196827.20 MB RADC-TR-67-108_VOL-1

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