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BOYD, J.R., "NEW CONCEPTION FOR AIR-TO-AIR COMBAT", (04-AUG-1976) (Edited by C. Richards & C. Spinney, SEPT 2012)

BOYD, J.R., "NEW CONCEPTION FOR AIR-TO-AIR COMBAT", (04-AUG-1976) (Edited by C. Richards & C. Spinney, SEPT 2012)., This edition of New Conception for Air-to-Air Combat is a PDF of the briefing rendered into Apple Keynote. The original signed by John Boyd carries the date “4 August 1976.” Although Boyd had been thinking about many of these ideas for a long time, the catalyst for this presentation was a small contract Boyd had with NASA shortly after his retirement. New Conception was not included in the Discourse on Winning and Losing, but it is an important piece in its own right, even for people who are not interested in air combat conducted with guns and short-range missiles. Although it can be considered as the first step towards what became Patterns of Conflict, it also illustrates Boyd’s ideas on analysis / synthesis, mismatches, and novelty, ideas that remain constant from his paper “Destruction and Creation” (also 1976) through his final work, the Essence of Winning and Losing in 1996.

BOYD Rev. 2012


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