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AFI 10-707, AIR FORCE INSTRUCTION: SPECTRUM INTERFERENCE RESOLUTION PROGRAM (20-JUN-2005)., This instruction implements AFPD 10-7, Command and Control Warfare, and describes the US Air Force Spectrum Interference Resolution (AFSIR) Program. Provides Military Department guidance in accordance with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) 3320.02B, Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution (JSIR), CJCSI 3320.02A-1, Classified Supplement to Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution (JSIR), and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual (CJCSM) 3320.02, Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution (JSIR) Procedures. Provides guidance for reporting, identifying, evaluating, and controlling electromagnetic interference (EMI) to meet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) goals of the Air Force Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) program as defined in Department of Defense Directive (DODD) 3222.3, DOD Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Program. Provides guidance for requesting Quick Fix Interference Resolution Capability (QFIRC) and related EMC measurements and specialized engineering services. This publication applies to the Air National Guard (ANG) and Air Force Reserve (AFRC). Major commands (MAJCOM), field operating agencies (FOA), and direct reporting units (DRU) must develop procedures for implementing this instruction. The reporting requirements in this publication are exempt from licensing in accordance with AFI 33-324, The Information Collections and Reports Management Program; Controlling Internal, Public, and Interagency Air Force Information Collections. Send recommended changes or comments to Headquarters Air Force Communications Agency (HQ AFCA/EASD), 203 W. Losey St, Room 1100, Scott AFB IL 62225-5222, through appropriate channels, using AF IMT 847, Recommendation for Change of Publication, with an information copy to Air Force Frequency Management Agency (AFFMA/DOO), 2461 Eisenhower Ave, Hoffman I, STE 1203, Alexandria VA 22331-1500. Ensure that all records created as a result of processes prescribed in this publication are maintained in accordance with Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 37-123, Management of Records (will become AFMAN 33-363), and disposed of in accordance with Air Force Web-RIMS Records Disposition Schedule (RDS) located at https://webrims.amc.af.mil/rds/index.cfm. Refer to Attachment 1 for a glossary of references and supporting information.

AFI 10-707 Rev. 2005


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