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NUREG-0700 (REV.2), HUMAN-SYSTEM INTERFACE DESIGN REVIEW GUIDELINES (MAY 2002)., The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff reviews the human factors engineering (HFE) aspects of nuclear power plants in accordance with the Standard Review Plan (NUREG-0800). Detailed design review procedures are provided in the HFE Program Review Model (NUREG-0711). As part of the review process, the interfaces between plant personnel and plant's systems and components are evaluated for conformance with HFE guidelines. This document, Human-System Interface Design Review Guidelines (NUREG-0700, Revision 2), provides the guidelines necessary to perform this evaluation. The review guidelines address the physical and functional characteristics of human-system interfaces (HSIs). Since these guidelines only address the HFE aspects of design and not other related considerations, such as instrumentation and control and structural design, they are referred to as HFE guidelines. In addition to the review of actual HSIs, the NRC staff can use the NUREG-0700 guidelines to evaluate a designspecific HFE guidelines document or style guide. The HFE guidelines are organized into four basic parts, which are divided into sections. Part I contains guidelines for the basic HSI elements: displays, user-interface interaction and management, and controls. These elements are used as building blocks to develop HSI systems to serve specific functions. Part II contains the guidelines for reviewing six such systems: alarm system, group-view display system, soft control system, computer-based procedure system, computerized operator support system, and communication system. Part III provides guidelines for the review of workstations and workplaces. Part IV provides guidelines for the review of HSI support, i.e., maintainability of digital systems.

0700 Rev. 2


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