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JSC-STD-8080 (W/ DCN-2], JSC DESIGN AND PROCEDURAL STANDARDS (FEB-2014) [S/S BY JSC-08080-2]., This document is a compilation of technical policies for human spacecraft as released through the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) Design and Procedural Standards activity. The Design and Procedural Standards are located in Section 2 of this manual and are identified according to the applicable discipline or category, with letter codes. This document provides design and procedural requirements appropriate for inclusion in specifications for any human spaceflight program, project, spacecraft, system, or end item. The term “spacecraft” as used in the standards includes launch vehicles, orbital vehicles, non-terrestrial surface vehicles, and modules. The standards are developed and maintained as directed by Johnson Space Center (JSC) Policy Directive JPD 8080.2, JSC Design and Procedural Standards for Human Space Flight Equipment. The Design and Procedural Standards contained in this manual represent human spacecraft design and operational knowledge applicable to a wide range of spaceflight activities. These standards are imposed on JSC human spaceflight equipment through JPD 8080.2. Designers shall comply with all design standards applicable to their design effort. The Design and Procedural Standards activity was established to develop technical and procedural policies for human spaceflight programs. Originally published in 1964, the Standards manual has been revised periodically. Because of agency document management changes over the years, the letters in front of 8080.5 have changed many times over the years without affecting the standards contained within the document.

JSC-STD-8080 Rev. DCN-2


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