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JPL-ZPP-2061-PPL. JPL PREFERRED PARTS LIST (NASA-CR-176258) (09 SEP 1985)., The JPL Preferred Parts List has been prepared to provide a basis for selection of electronic parts for JPL spacecraft programs. Supporting tests for the listed parts have been designed to comply with specific JPL spacecraft environmental requirements. Since it has been designed specifically for JPL programs, availability of this specification to personnel working on projects not related to JPL efforts is limited to an "Information Only" basis. The Preferred Parts List tabulates the electronic, magnetic, and electromechanical parts applicable to all JPL electronic equipment wherein reliability is a major consideration. The parts listed are relevant to equipment supplied by subcontractors as well as that fabricated at the laboratory. Packaging and cabling hardware (including connectors) is beyond the scope of this list. See JPL STD00009 for preferred packaging and cabling hardware. There is no intent to exclude any manufacturer from this Preferred Parts List; however, all entries shall be qualified to JPL requirements prior to listing. Qualification is normally a Laboratory function except when a part is deemed beyond the scope of Preferred Parts List effort. In these cases the burden of qualification to JPL requirements shall rest with the manufacturer. Parts not listed for which a substantial usage is anticipated should be brought to the attention of the Electronic Parts Engineering Section. JPL has agreed to implement use of the NASA Standard Parts List (NSPL), MIL-STD-975. The parts contained in MIL-STD-975 are listed herein in the section entitled MIL-STD-975. Appendix B from MIL-STD-975 is also added to guide the reader to upgrading Grade 2 devices to Grade 1 devices. Grade 1 parts, as defined in MIL-STD-975, are intended for critical flight and mission-essential ground support applications. Grade 2 parts are for use in non-critical flight and mission-essential ground support applications.



 FSC Code:
 1820 - Space Vehicle Components

09-19858.11 MB JPL-ZPP-2061-PPL_09SEP1985

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