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MIL-I-23659C, MILITARY SPECIFICATION: INITIATORS, ELECTRIC, GENERAL DESIGN SPECIFICATION FOR (31 AUG 1972) [S/S BY MIL-DTL-23659D]., This specification furnishes general requirements for design and establishes uniform methods for testing electric initiators and electric initiator subassemblies. The purpose of the testing program is to determine the electric characteristics, soundness of mechanical design, output, and resistance to deleterious service environments. For purposes of this specification the term electric initiator includes items classified in FSC 1377 such as hot wire initiators, exploding bridgewire initiators, exploding foil initiators, conductive mix initiators, etc. Electric primers are not covered in this specification. All requirements for exploding foil initiators used in safety sensitive non-interrupted explosive train applications are contained in appendix A. Requirements for all other items are in the main body of this document. The term electric initiator does not include complete assemblies which have electric initiators as subassemblies, but include only the subassemblies themselves. In addition, electric initiators must be safe for handling, transportation, storage and use and must not deteriorate to a degree, which would render their performance or safety doubtful under normal service handling, adverse storage and transportation. RF susceptibility requirements and tests have not been included in this specification. Implicit in the one watt and one ampere maximum no-fire requirements of this specification is the recognition of the hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance (HERO). This one watt and one ampere requirement in conjunction with other design requirements stated herein does not solve the HERO problem; however they do serve as a means of reducing hazards from all spurious electric sources including electromagnetic radiation. General requirements for weapon systems to preclude HERO are established in MIL-STD-464.

MIL-I-23659 Rev. C


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