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MIL-PRF-49506, PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION: LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT INFORMATION (11 NOV 1996) [S/S BY GEIA-STD-0007]., This specification describes information required by the government to perform acquisition logistics management functions. The principle focus of this specification is on providing the DOD with a contractual method for acquiring support and support-related engineering and logistics data from contractors. The DOD uses this data in-house in existing DOD materiel management processes such as those for initial provisioning, cataloging, and item management. Data products intended primarily for in-house use by the contractor during his/her own design process or those developed internally by the DOD are beyond the scope of this document. Depending on specific program requirements, this information may be in the form of summary reports, a set of specific data products, or both. This specification identifies content requirements for information summaries and format requirement for data products. It may be used on all system/end item acquisition programs. The contractor may, and is encouraged to, suggest alternative means of satisfying requirements of this specification to make information more readily available and to utilize more efficient business practices. The mechanics of delivery (e.g., electronic data interchange, hard copy, etc.) are not within the scope of this specification and should be addressed separately. Data entry media, storage, and maintenance procedures are left to the contractor.



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