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MIL-PRF-49293B, PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION: RADIAC SET, AN/PDR-75 (13-SEP-2011)., This performance specification is approved for use by USACECOM, Department of the Army and is available for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense. This performance specification covers the Radiac Set, AN/PDR-75. The AN/PDR-75 Radiac Set consists of the Computer Indicator Radiac CP-696/PDR-75 (Reader), the Carrying Case CY-8420/PDR- 75 and three power cables. The Dosimeter (DT-236/PDR-75) is used with but not a part of the Radiac Set. It measures neutrons and gammas from nuclear detonations and residual neutrons and gammas from contamination. The dosimeter is contained in a two- part case and is a type that can be worn the same as a wristwatch. The Reader is capable of opening, reading and closing the dosimeter. Two separate reading elements are contained in the Reader, consisting of an ultraviolet light source, filters and a light detector for reading the gamma dose, plus a constant current source and a peak reading voltmeter for reading the neutron dose. A digital meter displays a combined reading of the two separate reading elements. The range of the system is zero to one thousand centigrays (cGy) (threshold) and zero to two thousand cGy (objective). The CP- 696/PDR-75 is powered from a 24 volt DC source. The CP-696/PDR-75 Radiac Computer Indicator is used to measure the accumulated neutron and gamma radiation recorded by the Dosimeter DT- 236/PDR-75. The Radiac Detector DT-236/PDR-75 is worn by personnel who may be exposed to radiation from nuclear weapons.

MIL-PRF-49293 Rev. B


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