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MIL-PRF-38535J, PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION: INTEGRATED CIRCUITS (MICROCIRCUITS) MANUFACTURING, GENERAL SPECIFICATION FOR (28 DEC 2010)., This document is a performance specification. It is intended to provide the device manufacturers an acceptable established baseline in order to support Government microcircuit application and logistic programs. The basic section of this specification has been structured as a performance specification, which is supplemented with detailed appendices. These appendices provide guidance to manufacturers on demonstrated successful approaches to meeting military performance needs. These appendices are included as a benchmark and are intended to impose performance requirements. For QML microcircuits the manufacturer is required to develop a program plan that meets or exceeds the performance detailed in these appendices (see appendices A, G, H, and J). Appendix A is mandatory for manufacturers of device types supplied in compliance with MIL-STD-883 and forms the basis for QML classes Q and V. Appendix B is intended for space application and is required for V level devices. Appendix C is mandatory for devices requiring radiation hardness assurance (RHA). Appendix D is mandatory for statistical sampling, life test, and qualification procedures used with microcircuits. This specification establishes the general performance requirements for integrated circuits or microcircuits and the quality and reliability assurance requirements, which are to be met for their acquisition. The intent of this specification is to allow the device manufacturer the flexibility to implement best commercial practices to the maximum extent possible while still providing product that meets military performance needs. Detail requirements, specific characteristics of microcircuits, and other provisions which are sensitive to the particular use intended will be specified in the device specification. Quality assurance requirements outlined herein are for all microcircuits built on a manufacturing line which is controlled through a manufacturer's quality management (QM) program and has been certified and qualified by the Qualifying Activity (QA) in accordance with requirements herein. Several levels of product assurance including RHA are provided for in this specification. The certification and qualification sections found herein outline the requirements to be met by a manufacturer to be listed on a Qualified Manufacturer Listing (QML). After listing of a technology flow on a QML, the manufacturer is to continually meet or improve the established baseline of certified and qualified procedures, the QM program, the manufacturer's review system, the status reporting, and quality and reliability assurance requirements for all QML products. The manufacturer may present alternate methods of addressing the requirements contained in this specification. These alternate methods shall be approved by the Qualifying Activity. This specification requires a manufacturer to establish a process flow baseline. If sufficient quality and reliability data is available, the manufacturer, through the QM program and the manufacturer's review system, may modify, substitute, or delete tests. Additional information on the QML process and its philosophy is available in 6.5 herein. Class T is not for use in National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) manned, satellite, or launch vehicle programs without written permission from the applicable NASA project office (i.e., cognizant electrical, electronic, and electromechanical (EEE) parts authority).

MIL-PRF-38535 Rev. J


 FSC Code:
 5962 - Microcircuits, Electronic

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