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MIL-HDBK-198B, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE HANDBOOK: CAPACITORS, SELECTION AND USE OF (24-OCT-2004)., This handbook consists of the following: a. Selected standard capacitor types, for use in the design and manufacturing of Department of Defense equipment under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense. b. Guides for the choice and application of capacitors for use in Department of Defense equipment. Requirements for capacitors listed in this handbook are covered in the applicable specification (see 2.1). When it has been determined that circuit requirements cannot be met by using capacitor styles or characteristics listed in the applicable specifications, the design engineer should, with the approval of the cognizant activity, select from the applicable capacitor specification styles or characteristics not listed herein. Purpose of handbook. a. To provide the equipment designer with a selection of standard capacitors for use in most Department of Defense applications. b. To control and minimize the variety of capacitors used in Department of Defense equipment in order to facilitate logistic support of equipment in the field. c. To outline criteria pertaining to the use, choice, and application of capacitors in Department of Defense equipment. DLA Land and Maritime Specfinder is an online tool that can be used in conjunction with this handbook. The SpecFinder is a search tool to help you find standardization documents by selecting device characteristics. If you require certain performance features but don't know which documents might meet your needs, the SpecFinder will help you narrow your search down to a few candidate documents. It may be found at: http://www.landandmaritime.dla.mil/Programs/SpecFind/

MIL-HDBK-198 Rev. B


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 5910 - Capacitors

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