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MIL-HDBK-103BF, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE HANDBOOK: LIST OF STANDARD MICROCIRCUIT DRAWINGS (SMD) (11-MAR-2020)., The proliferation of industry prepared drawings for the same part used in a variety of military applications has become an ever increasing item of expense to the DoD. Numerous situations have arisen where one military acquisition document would be more appropriate and cost effective than the multiplicity of contractor prepared drawings. Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMDs) are being prepared to eliminate the need for the multitude of contractor prepared drawings for the same device when the minimum requirements of SMD's are sufficient to meet the requirements of the application on an interim or permanent basis. The Standard Microcircuit Drawing Program (SMDP) is directly under the auspices of the DoD Parts Management Program (PMP). The PMP is implemented by MIL-HDBK-512, "Parts Management." The PMP will be the avenue for screening candidate parts for the SMDP by the DLA Land and Maritime Military Parts Control Advisory Group (MPCAG).

MIL-HDBK-103 Rev. BF


 FSC Code:
 5962 - Microcircuits, Electronic

BG10-202013.45 MB MIL-HDBK-103BG
BF03-202013.27 MB MIL-HDBK-103BF
BE09-20193.55 MB MIL-HDBK-103BE
BD03-201912.38 MB MIL-HDBK-103BD
BC09-20183.35 MB MIL-HDBK-103BC
AY03-20175.99 MB MIL-HDBK-103AY
AW09-20165.70 MB MIL-HDBK-103AW
AV03-20163.47 MB MIL-HDBK-103AV
AT03-20152.64 MB MIL-HDBK-103AT
AR10-20146.10 MB MIL-HDBK-103AR
AP03-20144.42 MB MIL-HDBK-103AP
AN09-20134.45 MB MIL-HDBK-103AN
AM03-20132.33 MB MIL-HDBK-103AM
AL09-20122.54 MB MIL-HDBK-103AL
AK03-20122.92 MB MIL-HDBK-103AK
AJ09-20115.22 MB MIL-HDBK-103AJ
AH03-20114.46 MB MIL-HDBK-103AH
AG09-20104.96 MB MIL-HDBK-103AG
AF03-20102.61 MB MIL-HDBK-103AF
AE09-20092.69 MB MIL-HDBK-103AE
AD03-20092.83 MB MIL-HDBK-103AD
AC09-20082.71 MB MIL-HDBK-103AC
AB03-20082.65 MB MIL-HDBK-103AB
AA09-20072.66 MB MIL-HDBK-103AA
Z03-20072.85 MB MIL-HDBK-103Z
H05-19992.47 MB MIL-HDBK-103H

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