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KKK-A-1822F, FEDERAL SPECIFICATION: STAR-OF-LIFE AMBULANCE (01-AUG-2007)., This specification identifies the minimum requirements for new automotive Emergency Medical Services (EMS) ambulances (except military field ambulances) built on Original Equipment Manufacturer's Chassis (OEM) that are prepared by the OEM for use as an ambulance. The ambulances are front or rear wheel driven (4x2) and minimally warranted as specified in Section 6. Refurbishing and remounted vehicles are not covered by this standard.This standard applies to new vehicles only. By definition an ambulance is a vehicle used for emergency medical care and patient transport. This specification is for the construction of ambulances, not for vehicles intended for use as fire apparatus. National and international standards exist for automotive fire apparatus.These standards can be obtained from organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

KKK-A-1822 Rev. F


 FSC Code:
 2310 - Passenger Motor Vehicles

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