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ECSS-E-HB-10-02A, SPACE ENGINEERING: VERIFICATION GUIDELINES (17-DEC-2010)., This handbook provides additional information for the application of the verification standard ECSSE‐ ST‐10‐02C to a space system product. This handbook does not contain requirements and therefore cannot be made applicable. In case of conflict between the standard and this handbook, the standard prevails. This handbook is relevant for both the customer and the supplier of the product during all project phases. To facilitate the cross‐reference, this handbook follows as much as is practical, the structure of the standard and quotes the requirements, to make it self standing and easier to read (the text from the standard is in italic). As the Standard applies to different products at different product levels from single equipment to the overall system (including space segment hardware and software, launchers and Transportation Systems, ground segment, Verification tools, and GSE) several examples of tailoring, to match the specificity of each application, are proposed in Annex B. Specific discipline related verification aspects are covered in other dedicated standards and handbooks. In particular the detailed aspects for Testing are covered in the ECSS‐E‐ST‐10‐03 and in its corresponding handbook ECSS‐E‐HB‐10‐03. The application of the requirements of the standard to a particular project is intended to result in effective product verification and consequently to a high confidence in achieving successful product operations for the intended use, in this respect this handbook has the goal to help reaching these objectives.

ECSS-E-HB-10-02 Rev. A


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