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ECSS-E-33-11A, SPACE ENGINEERING: EXPLOSIVE SYSTEMS AND DEVICES (17-APR-2008)., As any explosive item used for flight can function only once, it can never be fully tested before its crucial mission operation. The required confidence can only be established indirectly by the testing of identical items. Test results and theoretical justification are essential for demonstration of fulfilment of the requirements. The requirement for repeatability shows that product assurance plays a crucial role in support of technical aspects. The need for statistics requires that the explosive components used in the explosive system be tested and characterized extensively. The variability in components requires that manufacturers prove to customers that delivered items are identical to those qualified. The failure or unintentional operation of an explosive item can be catastrophic for the whole mission and life threatening. Specific requirements can exist for the items associated with it. As all explosives where ever used are to be treated similarly, the same requirements, regulations, practices and standards need to be applied which will help to avoid human error. In case there is sufficient data to establish the reliability and confidence level for any given performance against any given condition, this should be done. Subsequently all margins should be converted into standard deviations and be incorporated into the reliability and confidence analysis.

ECSS-E-33-11 Rev. A


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