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UFC 3-440-01, UNIFIED FACILITIES CRITERIA (UFC): FACILITY-SCALE RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS (01-JUL-2015)., This UFC supersedes UFC 3-440-01, dated 14 June 2002 and UFC 3-440-04N, dated 16 January 2004. This UFC is issued to provide guidance for designing and installing facility-scale renewable energy systems. The criteria contained herein are intended to ensure durable, efficient, and reliable systems and installations. Guidelines apply to facility-scale applications. A facility-scale project has the interconnection point at the facility\'s service entrance equipment and generally provides electricity for the facility. A utility-scale project has the interconnection point directly to the utility distribution grid. Facility-scale projects are typically less than 1 megawatt, and utility-scale projects are usually greater than 1 megawatt. For renewable energy systems designed to generate power on a utility-scale, and privately-financed projects, see UFC 3-540-08 (Draft). Future revisions of this UFC will address additional renewable energy system technologies and components that can be applied on a facility-scale level, such as geothermal energy, wind energy, and on-site energy storage (batteries). Whenever unique conditions and problems are not specifically covered by this UFC, use the applicable referenced industry standards and other documents for design guidance. Note that this document does not constitute a detailed technical design, maintenance or operations manual, and is issued as a general guide to the considerations associated with design of economical, efficient and environmentally acceptable facility-scale renewable energy systems.

UFC 3-440-01 Rev. 2015


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