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SOFTWARE RESOURCES DATA REPORT (SRDR) IMPLEMENTATION GUIDANCE, THE (01-FEB-2019)., The Software Resources Data Report (SRDR) is mechanism used by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE) to collect technical and cost data on software development, software maintenance, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) development efforts. The 2017 SRDR Data Item Description (DID), DI-MGMT-82035A, replaced the 2016 version of the DID which superseded the 2011 Initial and Final SRDR DIDs. The DID provides the instructions for the data to be included in the three reporting formats: DD Form 3026-1, Software Development Report; DD Form 3026-2, Software Maintenance Report; and DD Form 3026-3, ERP Software Development Report. The updates to the DID and its respective forms are based on feedback and recommendations from a cross-service working group, the SRDR Working Group. The goals of the updates are to improve SRDR data quality, ensure consistency, and improve the usability of the data collected. The Defense Cost and Resource Center (DCARC) is the office responsible for the management of the Cost and Software Data Report (CSDR) process which includes planning and report validation. DCARC ensures that CSDR policies and regulations are followed. For guidance on roles and responsibilities regarding CSDR requirements, please refer to the DoD Manual 5000.04-M-1, “Cost and Software Data Reporting Manual.” This implementation guidance is intended to be used by members of the Cost Working Integrated Product Teams (CWIPT) to aid in the collection of software data.

SRDR Rev. 2019


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