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SYSTEMS ENGINEERING GUIDE (SEG) FOR SYSTEMS OF SYSTEMS (SoS) (VER. 1.0) (AUG 2008)., The purpose of this guide is to address systems engineering (SE) considerations for integrating independently useful systems into a larger system that delivers unique capabilities "a system of systems (SoS)" within the Department of Defense (DoD). Drawing from the lessons of current SoS SE practitioners, the guide is intended to provide a resource for systems engineers who are supporting SoS work, particularly as part of an SE team for an SoS. This initial version of the guide begins the process of understanding and guiding SE for SoS. In some cases, given the limited understanding in this area, the guide raises issues for awareness which may need to be addressed by systems engineers doing SoS work, but it does not provide practical advice on the issues. As experience with SoS grows, subsequent versions of the guide will expand in scope and detail. This guide assumes an understanding of SE, including chapter 4, "Systems Engineering" of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) [DoD, 2004].

SEG Rev. 1.0


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