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DoD 4245.7-M TRANSITION FROM DEVELOPMENT TO PRODUCTION. A key to successfully managing cost and scheduling while producing high-quality products is the template approach. The assumptions for the template effort are different from most government improvement efforts. First, the template approach recognizes that weapons systems acquisition is an industrial process and not a purchasing process. Secondly, the template advocates believe that both government and industry employees really want to do their best, but do not know how to proceed. Thirdly, the template approach provides employees with the needed background to understand the engineering and management discipline behind the standards and regulations. The templates as defined in DoD 4245.7-M are not the final word on disciplined engineering practices or reducing technical risks. Instead, the templates are a reference and a model that engineers and managers apply to their own industrial processes. The DoD template approach addresses the need for good engineering discipline in all aspects of systems acquisition. The disciplined approach is essential for success in both the military and commercial arenas



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