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DOD 4245.8-H, VALUE ENGINEERING (MAR 1986)., The amount of money available for our country's defense is determined by the democratic processes by which we govern ourselves. Defense budgets are affected by the threat from our adversaries, our reaction to the threat, by the funds necessary for Government activities other than defense and finally by our skill in managing the resources entrusted to us for defense. Efficient utilization of these allotted resources has been a major management objective for many years. The quickening pace of technological advances and the increasing pressure of budgetary restraints have made it necessary to place even more emphasis on economy and efficiency within the Department of Defense (DoD). DoD policy is to use VE to make a significant contribution toward greater economy in developing, acquiring, operating, and supporting the products necessary to fulfill its mission. The DoD VE program is intended to foster the use of value-oriented techniques across the entire spectrum of DoD activities. VE is a fundamental approach which challenges everything and takes nothing for granted, including the necessity for a product or service. It is applicable to systems, equipment, facilities, procedures, methods, software, and supplies. It may be successfully introduced at any point in the life cycle of the product under consideration (see Chapter 2). The following are some of the areas in which VE has been applied in the Department.

DOD 4245.8-H Rev. 1986


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