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DOE-HDBK-1078-94, DOE HANDBOOK TRAINING PROGRAM HANDBOOK: A SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TO TRAINING. This Department of Energy (DOE) Handbook, DOE-HDBK-1078-94, Training Program Handbook: A Systematic Approach to Training, describes a systematic method for establishing and maintaining training programs that meet the requirements and expectations of DOE Orders 5480.18B, Nuclear Facility Training Accreditation Program, and 5480.20, Personnel Selection, Qualification, Training, and Staffing Requirements at DOE Reactor and Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities. The systematic approach to training (SAT) includes five distinct, yet interrelated, phases. These phases include analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. SAT is consistent with other systematically based training systems such as performance-based training (PBT), training system development (TSD), instructional systems development (ISD), and other similar methods. For the purposes of this Handbook, SAT and PBT are interchangeable. The systematic approach method may also be used in conjunction with other DOE orders and directives that contain personnel training and qualification requirements. This Handbook describes the more classical concept and approach to systematically establishing training programs. However, in some cases this classical approach has proven to be time- and labor-intensive, especially if excessive detail is expected. The risk and complexity associated with performance of a job or the nuclear hazard category of the facility affected may warrant the use of simpler, less detailed alternative methods to achieve results that are both satisfactory and effective. These methods are discussed in other Departmental and industry standards.



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