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DOE G 430.1-1, COST ESTIMATING GUIDE (28 MAR 1997)., This Guide serves as a companion to the Department of Energy (DOE) Order 5700.2, COST ESTIMATING, ANALYSIS, AND STANDARDIZATION. The objective of this Guide is to improve the quality of cost estimates and further strengthen the DOE program/project management system. This Guide strives to achieve this goal by providing uniform cost estimating methods as well as consistent estimate terminology. DOE federal and contractor personnel can use the information contained in this Guide as a check to ensure that estimate items that are required by DOE are included in their project estimates. This Guide also serves as a resource tool for DOE cost estimators who may be asked to develop a project estimate that is unusual or unfamiliar to them. In this case, the Guide serves as a Guide for gathering preliminary information on how to prepare such an estimate. This Guide, however, is not meant to be an inclusive, detailed Guide. It is intended that information specific to activities at particular sites be developed by the cognizant DOE Field Offices. This volume is divided into two parts. Part I discusses the different types of DOE cost estimates, the elements of a cost estimate, and the preparation of the estimate. Part I also covers the increased role of environmental restoration and hazardous waste management projects in DOE activities and the impact of stringent environmental regulations on DOE programs/projects. Part II of this Guide contains additional information on cost estimating techniques and their uses. Part II includes topics such as cost estimating relationships, the effect of the learning curve, cost and schedule integration, operating costs, and how cost estimates support baseline management of the projects. There is also a chapter on specialty costs for estimators who may be asked to prepare estimates for innovative or advanced technology projects.

DOE G 430.1-1


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