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ASSIST UPDATE, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE STANDARDIZATION PROGRAM (05-MAY-2011)., A bi-monthly summary of changes to the ASSIST document database for the Period 1 May 2011 to 14 May 2011. Documents listed in the ASSIST UPDATE have an indicator of "N" or "M" to describe the last action taken on a listed document. "N" indicates that a "new" document has been entered into the ASSIST database. "M" indicates that a document already in ASSIST has been "modified" in some way. The ASSIST UPDATE is published twice a month and provides a summary of changes to Department of Defense standardization documents for the period indicated. Since changes are processed to the ASSIST database on a daily basis, users should consult the ASSIST web site at https://assist.daps.dla.mil for the most current information. If you need to track changes more frequently, or if you have an interest in specific Federal Supply Classes or individual specifications, standards, or other standardization documents, you may wish to take advantage of the ASSIST Alert Service. This feature lets you establish a list of documents of interest to you, and then the ASSIST will alert you with an E-mail message each day there is a change to one or more documents of interest to you. There is no charge for this service; however, you must have an ASSIST user account. To obtain one, complete the ASSIST online registration form at https://assist.daps.dla.mil/online/registration/registration.cfm. Once you have your account, you can establish your Alert Portal profile. For more information on the ASSIST Alert Service, go to: https://assist.daps.dla.mil/online/news/AlertService.htm.



NOV201411-2014156.59 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15NOV2014
NOV201411-2014145.28 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01NOV2014
OCT201410-2014125.22 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15OCT2014
OCT201410-2014142.13 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01OCT2014
SEP201409-2014362.58 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15SEP2014
SEP201409-201489.68 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01SEP2014
AUG201408-201496.25 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15AUG2014
JUL201407-2014137.96 KB ASSIST_UPDATES_01JUL2014
JUN201406-2014148.21 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JUN2014
JUN201406-2014161.00 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JUN2014
MAY201405-2014138.97 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15MAY2014
MAY201405-2014145.63 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01MAY2014
APR201404-2014165.24 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_04APR2014
APR201404-2014168.46 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01APR2014
MAR201403-2014180.80 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15MAR2014
MAR201403-2014172.12 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01MAR2014
FEB201402-2014167.27 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15FEB2014
FEB201402-2014187.30 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01FEB2014
JAN201401-2014166.49 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JAN2014
JAN201401-2014167.86 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JAN2014
DEC201312-2013181.33 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15DEC2013
DEC201312-201374.68 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01DEC2013
NOV201311-2013223.90 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01NOV2013
OCT201310-2013198.37 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15OCT2013
OCT201310-2013169.67 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01OCT2013
SEP201309-201399.22 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15SEP2013
SEP201309-201383.32 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01SEP2013
AUG201308-2013182.84 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01AUG2013
JUL201307-2013162.40 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JUL2013
JUL201307-201385.26 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JUL2013
JUN201306-201382.84 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JUN2013
MAY201305-201382.16 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15MAY2013
JUN201305-201382.06 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JUN2013
MAY201305-201392.22 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01MAY2013
APR201304-201386.79 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15APR2013
APR201304-201374.48 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01APR2013
MAR201303-201388.42 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15MAR2013
MAR201303-2013107.51 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01MAR2013
FEB201302-201383.77 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15FEB2013
FEB201302-201379.21 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01FEB2013
JAN201301-201367.15 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JAN2013
JAN201301-201371.88 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JAN2013
DEC201212-201286.98 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15DEC2012
DEC201212-2012182.70 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01DEC2012
NOV201211-2012174.72 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15NOV2012
NOV201211-201299.62 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01NOV2012
OCT201210-201279.07 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01OCT2012
SEP201209-201290.38 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15SEP2012
OCT201209-2012169.03 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15OCT2012
SEP201209-201272.83 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01SEP2012
AUG201208-201277.40 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15AUG2012
AUG201208-2012148.14 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01AUG2012
JUL201207-2012143.38 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JUL2012
JUL201207-201257.36 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JUL2012
JUN201206-2012147.06 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JUN2012
JUN201206-201267.94 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JUN2012
MAY201205-201263.35 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15MAY2012
MAY201205-201277.94 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01MAY2012
APR201204-201269.05 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15APR2012
APR201204-201265.21 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01APR2012
MAR201203-2012146.18 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15MAR2012
MAR201203-201260.89 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01MAR2012
FEB201202-2012140.89 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15FEB2012
FEB201202-201259.57 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01FEB2012
JAN201201-2012145.10 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JAN2012
JAN201201-201256.81 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JAN2012
DEC201112-201158.37 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15DEC2011
DEC201112-2011148.49 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01DEC2011
NOV201111-2011144.50 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15NOV2011
NOV201111-201165.72 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01NOV2011
OCT201110-201157.55 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15OCT2011
OCT201110-201159.07 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01OCT2011
SEP201109-201170.33 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01SEP2011
SEP201109-2011146.91 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15SEP2011
AUG201108-201185.29 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15AUG2011
AUG201108-201165.53 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01AUG2011
JUL201107-201178.53 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JUL2011
JUL201107-201165.75 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JUL2011
JUN201106-201156.44 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JUN2011
JUN201106-201155.38 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JUN2011
MAY201105-201156.39 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15MAY2011
MAY201105-201163.70 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01MAY2011
APR201104-201155.98 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15APR2011
APR201104-201160.31 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01APR2011
MAR201103-201156.34 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15MAR2011
MAR201103-201157.27 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01MAR2011
FEB201102-201165.51 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15FEB2011
FEB201102-201158.36 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01FEB2011
JAN201101-201153.48 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JAN2011
JAN201101-201152.98 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JAN2011
JAN201001-201056.49 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JAN2010
JAN200901-200952.98 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JAN2009
JUL200807-200852.90 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JUL2008
JAN200801-200856.98 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_15JAN2008
JAN200801-200853.51 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01JAN2008
MAR200703-200743.94 KB ASSIST_UPDATE_01MAR2007
NOV201300-0000223.66 KB ASSSIT_UPDATE-01NOV2013

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