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TEMPLATE: TM-PP-07 (V1.2), PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN TEMPLATE (08-SEP-2009)., This template provides the format and guidance for a Project Management Plan (PMP) for a mid-sized project (e.g., 5 to 20 staff members). Typically, larger projects will receive explicit direction from the sponsor on planning documentation requirements. Smaller projects may use a scaled-down version of this template. The template is considered flexible enough that it may be used for any type of project. This blank template is identical to the PMP Template, TM-PP-01 with the example text removed and references to the applicable sections of the SSC San Diego Project Management Guide (PMG), PR-OPD-29, added. References to the PMG are intended to help users of this document trace sections of this document back to the PMG. If a reference to the PMG appears with a section title, that reference applies to all lower levels of that section. The PMP Template with the example text may be downloaded from the SSC Pacific PAL at http://sepo.spawar.navy.mil/. SSC Pacific has assigned the responsibility for this document to the Systems Engineering Process Office (SEPO). SEPO welcomes and solicits feedback from users of this document so that future versions of this document will reflect improvements, based on organizational experience and lessons learned. Questions or comments regarding this document may be communicated to SEPO via the Document Change Request form located on the next page or submitted online via the SSC Pacific PAL. Updates to this document are performed in accordance with the SEPO Configuration Management Procedure.

TM-PP-07 Rev. V-1.2


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