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DI-SAFT-81300B, DATA ITEM DESCRIPTION (DID): MISHAP RISK ASSESSMENT REPORT (MRAR) (12-JUN-2015)., The Mishap Risk Assessment Report (MRAR) provides a comprehensive identification and evaluation of the mishap risks assumed during the processing and operation of a system(s) throughout its life cycle. It provides a means of confirming the compliance with program safety requirements. It summarizes all system safety analyses and testing performed on each system. The results of this assessment identify design and operation limits to be imposed upon system elements to preclude or minimize mishaps which could cause injury or damage. It will be used for the life of the program as a baseline for safety decisions involving changes to the system, operational concepts and procedures. a. This Data Item Description (DID) contains the content and format preparation instructions for the data product generated by the specific and discrete task requirement as delineated in the contract. b. This DID is applicable to all space, missile, and associated activities that include direct contractor support or management of system design, integration, test or operations. c. This DID is related to DI-SAFT-80101, System Safety Hazard Analysis Report (SSHAR); DI-SAFT-80102, Safety Assessment Report (SAR); DI-SAFT-80103, Engineering Change Proposal System Safety Report (ECPSSR); DI-SAFT-80104, Waiver or Deviation System Safety Report (WDSSR); DI-SAFT-80105, System Safety Program Progress Report (SSPPR); and DI-SAFT-80106, Health Hazard Assessment Report (HHAR).

DI-SAFT-81300 Rev. B


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