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DI-PACK-81581, DATA ITEM DESCRIPTION: EQUIPMENT PRESERVATION SHEET (EPDS) (14 MAR 2000)., This Data Item Description (DID) specifies the content and format for processing Shipment and Storage Instructions for Tactical Wheeled Vehicles. a. This DID identifies the format and content preparation instructions for preparing shipment and storage instructions in accordance with the standard practices in MIL-STD-3003 Appendix A. b. This data, prepared on STA Forms 4895 and STA Form 4895-1, applies to a specific model of tactical vehicles prepared for shipment and storage in accordance with the standard practices identified in MIL-STD-3003. c. When Equipment Preservation Data Sheets are required, DI-PACK 80120B, Preservation and Packaging Data, also applies and is critical to loading the Army data files with the Logistics Management Information necessary to provide life cycle support. d. When the EPDS applies to transporting of hazardous materials (except those materials excluded by United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods as implemented by the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Maritime Organization Regulations), the applicable requirements in the ICAO Technical Instructions, or the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 29, Title 40, and Title 49 will additionally apply based on the mode of transport.



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