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DI-PACK-80880D, DATA ITEM DESCRIPTION (DID): TRANSPORTABIITY REPORT (01-MAR-2012)., The Transportability Report will be used to obtain essential information from MATDEV for evaluating the transportation limitations and restrictions of Department of Defense equipment that qualifies as a transportability problem item. 1. Information acquired through this report will include dimensional and weight characteristics of the item or system, test results of physical transportability testing performed on the equipment, and when available, computer aided design (CAD) models of the equipment to support structural, kinematic, and dynamic analyses of the transportation environment, and results of any CAD structural, kinematic, or dynamic analyses performed by the contractor. 2. This Data Item Description (DID) contains information on the format and data content for the work task described by paragraph 4.5 of MIL-STD-1366E and is applicable to acquisition of military systems and equipment that qualify as transportability problem items. This DID can be tailored to program requirements with approval of the service transportability agent.

DI-PACK-80880 Rev. D


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