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A-A-50582A, COMMERCIAL ITEM DESCRIPTION: TORCH OUTFIT, CUTTING AND WELDING (19 APR 2004)., This commercial item description (CID) covers a complete portable cutting and welding torch outfit suitable for use with acetylene and methylacetylene-propadiene (MAPP) gas when either gas is coupled with oxygen. The torch outfit is intended for use either indoors or outdoors. All parts of the equipment shall be designed for use with oxygen, acetylene, and MAPP gas. All parts shall be of proper size, suitable material, and sufficient strength to ensure satisfactory performance for the cutting and welding services specified. The cutting and welding torch shall be a handheld positive pressure type and equipped for controlling and mixing the flow of gases to the torch tip. All parts subject to wear or breakage shall be accessible for adjustment and repair. The torch outfit shall, as a minimum, be in accordance with the requirements of this CID and shall be the manufacturer's standard commercial product. Additional or better features that are not specifically prohibited by this CID but are a part of the manufacturer's standard commercial product shall be included in the torch outfit being furnished. A standard commercial product is a product that has been sold or is being currently offered for sale on the commercial market through advertisements, manufacturer's catalogs, or brochures, and represents the latest production model.

A-A-50582 Rev. A


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