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TOP-7-2-033, TEST OPERATING PROCEDURE: WEAPONIZED MANNED/UNMANNED AIRCRAFT (14-JAN-2013)., This Test Operations Procedure (TOP) covers the span of requirements and technologies that are unique to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The role of a UAS is significantly different than that of a manned aircraft. The nominal operating altitudes and methods of employment for armed UASs provide for unique test challenges not encountered with manned aircraft. Many armed UASs are flown at significantly higher altitudes than manned aircraft creating unique test conditions. The increase in slant range and angular perspective from sensor and weapons to target needs to be considered for these new systems. Additionally the threat set for UASs in the Global War on Terrorism is very different than the traditional large mechanized threat set typically used for manned aircraft. A TOP for weaponized UAS testing will provide standard procedures for all systems tested.

TOP-7-2-033 Rev. 2013


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