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FM 23-90 (w/ CHANGE 1), ARMY FIELD MANUAL: MORTARS (09-DEC-2002)(TO 11W2-5-13-21)

FM 23-90 (w/ CHANGE 1), ARMY FIELD MANUAL: MORTARS (09-DEC-2002)(TO 11W2-5-13-21)., This publication supersedes FM 23-90/TO 11W2-5-13-21, 19 September 1990; and TC 23-18, 24 August 1967. This publication prescribes guidance for leaders and crewmen of mortar squads and platoons. It is concerned with the problems of mortar crew training. It presents practical solutions to assist in the timely delivery of accurate mortar fires but does not discuss all possible situations. Local requirements may dictate minor variations from the methods and techniques described herein. However, principles should not be violated by modification of techniques and methods. The scope of this publication includes mortar crew training at squad and section levels. The 60-mm mortar, M224; 81-mm mortar, M29A1; 81-mm mortar, M252; 4.2-inch (107-mm) mortar, M30; and 120-mm mortar, M120, are discussed herein to include nomenclature, sighting, equipment, characteristics, capabilities, ammunition, and maintenance. Note: For clarity and simplicity, the artwork in this manual shows soldiers in plain BDUs. Showing camouflage would obscure required artistic and technical details that the user of this manual needs to see. This publication prescribes DA Form 5964-R and implements the following international agreements: QSTAG 900 Characteristics of a Multirole Mortar Fuze (Edition One) STANAG 2321 NATO Code of Colors for the Identification of Ammunition (Except Ammunition of a Caliber Below 22 millimeters)

FM 23-90 Rev. CHG-1


 FSC Code:
 1015 - Guns, 75mm through 125mm

CHG-112-20023.57 MB FM_23-90_9DEC2002

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