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NAVSO P-3689, CONTRACTING FOR THE REST OF US - SOME BASIC GUIDELINES (OCT 2000)., This guide is intended to provide non-contracting personnel with a better understanding of the policies, procedures and functions of the contracting process. This understanding will allow them to participate more effectively during the contract process. Greater understanding among acquisition team members will contribute to the successful acquisition of Navy weapon systems. Within DoD, acquisition refers to the process that begins with identification of a need. The process includes the procurement of systems, supplies and/or services to meet that need; support for those systems, supplies and/or services; and, ultimately, disposition of the supplies or systems when no longer required. On major acquisitions, the acquisition team may consist of the program manager, technical experts, contract specialists, logistics experts, transportation experts, configuration managers, legal counsel and others. On smaller acquisitions, the team may consist of the item manager and the contract specialist with consultation support as appropriate. As the acquisition transitions from one phase to another, the composition of the acquisition team may vary. Whether a large or small program, no matter what phase of the acquisition, every acquisition must be a team effort with each member of the team participating in an effective manner. This document is divided into five parts: Part I, “Fundamental Principles,” provides some contracting fundamentals, Part II, “Organization,” provides a brief discussion of the roles of each organization in the contracting process; Part III, “The Contracting Process,” describes the contracting process itself; Part IV, “Common Traps,” provides selected lessons learned expressed as Watch Out Fors that can become traps if not avoided; and Part V, “Resources,” provides a useful listing of resources available to assist in the contracting process. The contracting process described in Part III will be addressed in three phases: Acquisition Planning, Contract Formation, and Execution and Sustainment. Throughout this guide, we will attempt to highlight the roles and responsibilities of each member of the acquisition team during each phase of the acquisition. While this guide is focused towards major acquisitions, the concepts and fundamentals are applicable to all.



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