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MTMCTEA REF 97-55-22 (Second Edition), MARINE LIFTING AND LASHING HANDBOOK (OCT-1996)., The shifting emphasis within our National Military Strategy has placed an unprecedented burden on our ability to meet our Crisis Response requirements. The potential for engaging in multiple lesser regional contingencies has become a reality. Never before has so much attention been focused on our strategic lift capability. While airlift is essential for moving people, supplies, and priority items, sealift is the primary means of moving military equipment. Because of the time required to deploy by sea and the relative weight and cube of the equipment involved, strategic sealift becomes the longest leg of the fort-to-foxhole deployment scenario. The purpose of this reference is to shorten this leg by providing standard marine terminal guidance for lifting and lashing military equipment on various strategic ships. This publication provides users with the proper lifting methods for loading general equipment aboard marine vessels and general procedures for securing military cargo on marine vessels. The publication includes equipment characteristics condensed from TACOM vehicle characteristics sheets, transportability guidance technical manuals (TGTMs), and field experience gained through participating in military exercises. The handbook does not include all military equipment found in the Army inventory. Rather, it covers military equipment commonly encountered during stevedore operations. Helicopters are not covered in this reference. We have published a separate reference, MTMCTEA REF 95-55-21, which specifically addresses helicopters. Throughout the publication, warnings, cautions, and notes emphasize important or critical guidance

MTMCTEA REF 97-55-22 Rev. 2ED


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 4010 - Chain and Wire Rope

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