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MCWP 4-11.8B, MARINE CORPS WARFIGHTING PUBLICATION: WAR CRIMES (06 SEP 2005)., Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCRP) 4-11 .8B, War Crimes, identifies specific actions that violate the Law of War. It describes the responsibility of every Marine, Sailor or civilian serving with or accompanying the Marine Corps to know and report all suspected, alleged or known violations that are defined by Department of Defense Directive (DODD) 5100.77, DOD Law of War Program, and Marine Corps Order (MCO) 3300.4, Marine Corps Law qf War Program. MCRP 4-11.8B provides specific examples of actions taken by members of military organizations that have been considered violations of the Law of War. The Law of War is detailed, but it is also easy to follow. The basic principles of the Law of War from MCO 3300.4 are taught to every Marine in basic training: * Marines fight only enemy combatants. * Marines do not harm enemy soldiers who surrender. Marines disarm enemy soldiers and turn them over to superiors. * Marines do not torture or kill enemy prisoners of war or detainees. * Marines collect and care for the wounded, whether friend or foe. * Marines do not attack medical or religious personnel, facilities or equipment.* Marines destroy no more than the mission requires. * Marines treat all civilians humanely. Marines do not steal; they respect private property and possessions. * Marines do their best to prevent violations of the Law of War, and report all violations to their superiors. Marines will achieve victory on the battlefield in strict compliance with the Law of War. There is nothing in the Law of War that puts Marines' lives or the mission in jeopardy. Compliance facilitates victory and, at the end of every struggle, Marines will know that they conducted themselves in such a manner as to be judged as worthy successors of a long line of Marines that has gone before them. MCRP 4-11.8B supersedes MCRP 4-11.8B, War Crimes Investigation, dated 22 June 1998.

MCWP 4-11.8B Rev. 2005


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