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MCRP 3-35.1D, MARINE CORPS REFERENCE PUBLICATION: COLD REGION OPERATIONS (JAN 2011) [JOINTLY KNOWN AS ATTP 3-97.11/MCRP 3-35.1D (FM 31-70 and FM 31-71)]., This Army tactics, techniques, and procedures (ATTP)/Marine Corps reference publication (MCRP) is the Army’s doctrinal publication for operations in the cold region environment. Marines can utilize this publication as an operational reference with the 3-35 doctrinal series. It provides doctrinal guidance and direction for how United States (U.S.) forces conduct cold region operations. The purpose of ATTP 3-97.11/MCRP 3-35.1D is to arm leaders, Soldiers, and Marines with the necessary knowledge on how to operate in cold region environments. The information contained in this manual applies to all Soldiers and Marines, regardless of rank or job specialty. This manual is designed to work with and complement field manual (FM) 3-97.6, Mountain Operations, and FM 3-97.61, Military Mountaineering. This manual will enable leaders, Soldiers, and Marines to accurately describe cold region environments, their effects on military equipment, impacts these environments have on personnel, and most importantly, how to employ the elements of combat power in cold region environments. This ATTP provides the conceptual framework for conventional forces to conduct cold region operations within the construct of full spectrum operations, across the spectrum of conflict. It addresses cold region operations at operational and tactical levels. Chapter 1 discusses the characteristics of the cold region environment. Chapter 2 discusses the operations process. Chapter 3 identifies and discusses special considerations for operations in a cold region environment. Chapter 4 discusses how to conduct movement and maneuver in a cold region environment. Chapter 5 discusses how to apply sustainment principles unique to cold regions. Chapter 6 discusses how to apply combat power in the cold region environment. The two appendixes detail the special uniform, equipment, and heaters necessary in the cold region environment. This publication applies to the Active Army, the Army National Guard (ARNG)/Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS), United States Army Reserve (USAR), Marine Corps, and Marine Corps Reserve unless otherwise stated. Note for Marines: This manual is intended as an operational-level reference only. Some differences apply in clothing, equipment, vehicles, and aircraft (items the Marine Corps has that the Army does not and vice versa). These Marine Corps-specific differences and tactical-level differences (arising from the employment of heavy vice light infantry) are covered in MCRP 3-35.1A, Small-Unit Leader’s Guide to Cold Weather Operations. The clothing, equipment, and tactics, techniques, and procedures for cold weather warfighting by Marines are covered in MCRP 3-35.1B, Instructor’ s Guide to Combat Skiing. By December 2011, the Marine Corps will update these publications and change the titles. The United States Marine Corps (USMC) lead agency and doctrinal proponent for mountain and cold region operations is the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC) in Bridgeport, California. Contact MCMWTC, Operations and Training for further information.

MCRP 3-35.1D Rev. 2011


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