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MCDP 1-0, MARINE CORPS DOCTRINAL PUBLICATION: MARINE CORPS OPERATIONS (27 SEP 2001)., Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication (MCDP) 1-0 is the first Marine Corps Operations doctrinal publication written for the Marine component and the Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF). It represents how our warfighting philosophy is codified in operational terms. MCDP 1-0 is intentionally written broadly to capture the employment of Marine components and the MAGTF across the range of military operations. The supporting tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) are contained in our warfighting and reference publications. This doctrinal publication is the transition—the bridge—between the Marine Corps' warfighting philosophy of maneuver warfare to the TTP used by Marines. MCDP 1-0 is written for the Marine component and the MAGTF and is the precursor to future MAGTF-oriented warfighting doctrine. It addresses how the Marine Corps conducts operations to support the national military strategy across the broad range of naval, joint, and multinational operations. MCDP 1-0 explores the contribution to the national defense provided by the unique structure of Marine Corps organizations—the Marine component and the MAGTF. It reflects the notion that "words matter", providing definitions of key operational terms to ensure that Marines speak a common operational language. It describes the role of the Marine component in providing, sustaining, and deploying Marine Corps forces at the operational level of war and how the MAGTF conducts expeditionary operations at the operational and tactical levels. MCDP 1-0 focuses on how Marine Corps forces conduct operations today and the direction the Marine Corps capstone concept expeditionary maneuver warfare and the supporting concepts of operational maneuver from the sea and ship-to- objective maneuver will take Marine Corps operations in the near future. MCDP 1-0 concentrates on the operating forces of the Marine Corps—Marine Corps forces as a Service component under joint force command, and the MAGTF. It acknowledges that Marine Corps operations are now and will continue to be joint and likely multinational. It describes how Marine Corps forces support the joint or multinational force commander and what capabilities the Marines bring to a joint or multinational force. It illustrates how the Marine Corps' task-organized combined arms forces, flexibility, and rapid deployment capabilities apply to the widening spectrum of employment of today's military forces. This publication provides the fundamentals of how MAGTFs conduct tactical operations and concisely addresses the types of operations MAGTFs will conduct to accomplish these missions. Marine Corps commanders and leaders at all levels should read and study this publication. Additionally, joint force commanders and their staffs can use this publication to better understand the capabilities of Marine Corps forces assigned to the joint force.

MCDP 1-0 Rev. 2001


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