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SMC-S-001 (2013), AFSC STANDARD: SYSTEMS ENGINEERING REQUIREMENTS AND PRODUCTS (01-JUL-2013)., This standard defines the governmentís requirements for a disciplined systems engineering approach to system acquisitions. It specifies the governmentís requirements for executable contractor systems engineering efforts and can also be used as a guide by the tasking agency/activity to assist in systems engineering planning and management. Government agencies (Department of Defense and the intelligence community) should use this document as a compliance document for system acquisition contracts. It is also applicable to non-DOD government (NASA and others), civil, and commercial developments. This documentís objective is to define the essential work products, produced in the systems engineering process, needed to: Adequately define a system over its life cycle such that the integrated system when deployed: a. Provides at least the threshold or minimum required capabilities and requirements and is affordable, but otherwise balances capability, cost, schedule, risk, and the potential for evolutionary growth b. Is defined by operations concepts, operational capabilities/requirements, system architectures, specifications, drawings, technical orders, training documents, maintenance facilities and equipment documents, verification and validation plans, procedures, and reports c. Includes the documented processes that are essential to build-to, buy-to, code-to, verifyto, deploy-to, train-to, operate-to, support/sustain-to, and dispose-to over the system life cycle d. Has system definition products satisfying this objective, referred to as the system configuration baseline Define products that can be used throughout the intermediate development stages by the tasking and performing activities to plan, monitor, and control the progress over each phase and contract of the system acquisition program.

SMC-S-001 Rev. 2013


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