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AFFDL-TR-69-42, STRESS ANALYSIS MANUAL (AUG-1969)., This analysis manual is issued to provide a general purpose structural analysis capability and to serve as a source of data. It represents a collection of techniques from a wide variety of industry sources, textbooks, periodicals, and government agencies. Attempts have been made where applicable to give appropriate recognition to each source. If any omissions or corrections are noted please contact Mr. Gene E. Maddux, AFFDL(FDTR) Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433. This preliminary issue of the manual will be followed by periodical updates which will be distributed to the original requestors. - Based on the evaluation of the stress analysis and design techniques and procedures collected from numerous sources, this stress analysis manual covers the principal structural elements of aircraft construction. The manual proper consists of eleven chapters devoted to the stress analysis of beams, columns, bars, trusses, frames and rings, plates, membranes, pressure vessels, lugs, shafts, and bearing surfaces. To make the manual as functional as possible, the analysis methods presented are straightforward, and detailed derivations of equations and methods .are purposefully omitted; still, such derivations may be obtained from the references listed in the Introduction. Sample problems are liberally interspersed to illustrate the analysis methods, and much design data are presented in the form of nomograms and tables to aid computations. To anticipate updating and improvement of the manual, the methods presented follow current design and analysis practices. The development of the manual also sought to anticipate the introduction of machine methods for stress design when procedures become sufficiently standardized. To facilitate the use of the manual, a comprehensive keyword index includes all significant words of the section headin•s of each chapter.

TR-69-42 Rev. 1969


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