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EWR 127-1, EASTERN AND WESTERN RANGE (EWR) 127-1 RANGE SAFETY REQUIREMENTS, RANGE USER HANDBOOK (21-AUG-1995) [BEST COPY AVAILABLE]., The EWR 127-1 Range User Handbook was written to increase your awareness of the Range Safety Program and to assist you in meeting your mission objectives in the most efficient, safest manner possible. Obtaining final Range Safety approval to launch can be a tedious and difficult objective to achieve; however, with an understanding of the process, proper planning, and proper engineering, you can accomplish this goal in a manner that is consistent with mission objectives with little or no impact to your program budget or schedule. The Range Safety office will support you in your effort to achieve a successful and safe mission. Although this Handbook is not regulatory except when repeating or referencing EWR 127-1, it does contain guidance that will make the Range Safety approval to launch process simpler and more expedient. The Handbook is divided into four separate sections. Section 1 presents the historical basis for EWR 127-1, explains the organization of the chapters in the Range Safety Requirements, and describes the organization and management of the 45th and 30th Space Wings with a focus on the Offices of Safety and those groups impacting the safety approval process. In addition, print and electronic accessibility to a variety of Range Safety documents is discussed. The section ends with an overview of the �Range Safety Concept to Launch� process and associated Range User inputs and Range Safety outputs. Corresponding to the seven Chapters in EWR 127-1, Section 2 of the Handbook provides chapter- by-chapter details for meeting the scheduling and documentation requirements described in the �Concept to Launch� process. Additionally, Range User tools and information not addressed in EWR 127-1 are included. Range User inputs and Range Safety outputs for each of the EWR 127-1 Chapters are also presented. Section 3 provides blank Change Request, Tailoring Request, and Noncompliance Request forms for Range User use. In addition, examples of completed forms and an example of a portion of a Tailored EWR 127-1 are included. The Section 4 Appendixes contain additional information such as Range Safety Directories, 45 SW/SES Authorized Ordnance Test Equipment, Eastern Range Test Console description, and the NASA/KSC Approved Plastic Film List that are also available on the Range Safety Bulletin Board System. Suggestions to improve this Handbook, EWR 127-1, the Range Safety Bulletin Board System, and the Range Safety Program are appreciated and should be communicated to the Offices of the Chiefs of Safety at each of the Ranges.

127-1 Rev. 1995


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