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STANAG 4671 (DRAFT), STANDARDIZATION AGREEMENT: UAV SYSTEMS AIRWORTHINESS REQUIREMENTS (USAR) FOR NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATIONS (NATO) MILITARY UAV SYSTEMS (ED. 1) (22-MAR-2007)., This document contains a set of technical airworthiness requirements intended primarily for the airworthiness certification of fixed-wing military UAV Systems with a maximum take-off weight between 150 and 20,000 kg that intend to regularly operate in non-segregated airspace. Certifying Authorities may apply these certification requirements outside these limits where appropriate. These requirements represent the minimum applicable requirements to meet the safety objectives defined by paragraph 1309 and its associated AMC. It may be augmented by additional Special Conditions (i.e. additional airworthiness requirements) required by individual Certifying Authorities. USAR is intended for application by Certifying Authorities within each country’s relevant national regulatory framework. These requirements may not be sufficient for the certification of UAV Systems with unconventional, novel or extremely complex features. Additionally, USAR may be insufficient for UAV Systems with a design usage spectrum significantly different from that of General Aviation. Nevertheless, the USAR may have significant value for assessing all or parts of such systems and Certifying Authorities are encouraged where appropriate to use these requirements as a basis for certification of such systems within their national regulatory frameworks. UAV Systems (including block upgrades to legacy systems) designed prior to the approval of this document may not comply with these requirements. Appropriate standards and airworthiness certification for these systems for flight in non-segregated airspace, many of which are consistent with this document, are the responsibility of each military Certifying Authority. A glossary is at Annex 1 and a listing of abbreviations used within the document is at Annex 2 to this introduction. Throughout this document, the term ‘Type Certificate’ refers to any document issued by a National Certifying Authority that within the regulatory framework of that Nation certifies compliance as determined by the National Certifying Authority with USAR. Where the Certifying Authority issues an alternative document to a Type Certificate (such as a Release To Service, Military Aircraft Type Qualification Certificate or Flight Permit, which may include items outside the scope of USAR) it is expected that the degree of compliance with USAR will be clearly stated therein.

STANAG 4671 Rev. 2007


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