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AJP-3B, ALLIED JOINT DOCTRINE FOR THE CONDUCT OF OPERATIONS (MAR-2011)., The successful execution of military operations requires a clearly understood doctrine, and this is especially important when operations are to be conducted by allied or coalition forces. Although Allied Joint Publication (AJP)-3 (B) ‘Allied Joint Doctrine for the Conduct of Operations’ is intended primarily for use by NATO forces, the doctrine is equally applicable to operations conducted by a coalition of NATO with partners, non-NATO nations and other organizations. AJP-3(B) is intended for use primarily by commanders and staff at operational level, but could be used at any level as a reference. This AJP describes the fundamental operational aspects of joint operations and provides guidance on the conduct of joint operations at the operational level. These operations are complex and contain all the different tasks that span the range of military operations, from humanitarian assistance to combat. Most operations will take place in all environments (maritime, land, air and space, information including cyberspace) while some will predominantly favour a single one, such as maritime. The level of joint participation may vary and is likely to include non-military agencies, institutions or organizations. The guidance is authoritative and as such this doctrine should be followed except when in judgement of the commander circumstances dictate otherwise. The key theme in this publication remains: ‘operations are operations’. All operations can fundamentally be approached in the same manner because NATO forces must expect to perform a wide range of potentially simultaneous activities across the whole spectrum of conflict, from combat actions to humanitarian assistance. AJP 3(B) focuses on the synchronization and coordination of activities, during the preparation, execution and termination of an operation.

AJP-3 Rev. B


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