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JPL-D-8208 (REV. I), ELECTRONIC PACKAGING AND CABLING, SPACECRAFT DESIGN AND FABRICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR (14 JAN 2002)., This standard is not intended to be self-imposing, but recommends preferred engineering practices for programs, projects, and tasks. It may be cited in contracts and program documents as a technical requirement or as a reference for guidance. Determining the suitability of this standard and its provision is the responsibility of the performing organization. Individual provisions of this standard may be tailored (i.e., modified or deleted) by contract or program specifications to meet specific program/project/task needs and constraints. The requirements included here have been qualified for use on JPL flight hardware systems by a combination of formal qualification testing and flight application. The applicability of this document is defined in JPL D-12872, ìJPL Process for Tailoring Mission Assurance to Specific Projects.î For contracted tasks it is often desirable to rely, to the maximum extent possible, on the project assurance practices of the vendor/contractor. Requests for proposal should state that the contractor should meet the intent of D-8208; any significant differences between their packaging standards and those of D-8208 should be clearly identified. Vendor survey, documentation review, and negotiation should establish the applicable contractor documentation to incorporate into the contract and, if necessary, include modification/additions necessary to the contractors documentation/processes. This document should be used from a concurrent engineering point of view. There are a number of critical issues to be addressed at the design/packaging design stage that cannot be taken up after the fact without either seriously compromising the project goals or costing more than was anticipated. All relevant disciplines, engineering and otherwise, should be brought into play, preferably by forming a work team at the conceptual design stage and before any of the critical design decisions have been made. This document is also to be used in accord with ISO 9001 registration and periodic registration reassessments for the continued maintenance and improvement of the product delivery system . The chief ISO elements affecting this document are: Design Control, especially Design Input, Design Output, and Design Changes (Design Requirement); Process Control (Fabrication Requirement); Control of Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment (Fabrication Requirement); Inspection and Test Status (Fabrication Requirement); Control of Nonconforming Product (Fabrication Requirement); Corrective and Preventive Action (Fabrication Requirement); and Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery (General Requirement).

JPL-D-8208 Rev. I


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